Glam birthday cake shot

A birthday cake shot

Sharing my birthday cake shot Yesterday was my birthday, and as to immortalize the moment, my wife Marta wanted to … »

Morgane for Streetglams

Hair care tips

  Hair care tips Our hair often pays the hefty toll of our frantic lifestyle, stress, and pollution. And even … »

Model Denitakes the pose. Photography by Hector Hurtado for graphility.

How to pose for photography

Pose for photography: a basic tutorial Hello photography enthusiasts! Today, I would like to share an important tip with you: … »

Self portrait: Hector Hurtado for graphility

Know your best side

First glam tip! It has been raining cats and dogs over Brussels, and that certainly does not make it easy … »

Self portrait, Hector Hurtado for Streetglams

Looking into the future…

 Waiting for print shops… A printer friend of mine could not help with my request for special vouchers, so I’ve … »

Self portrait, Hector Hurtado for Streetglams

Easter Monday self-portrait

Easter Monday self-portrait at our studio in Brussels This Sunday and Monday break is a bit annoying, because I do have my … »